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Oxford Community Television has been operating for 25 years by providing what is known as P.E.G. programming to our four local communities and the surrounding areas.  P.E.G stands for Public, Educational and Governmental television programming.   The Villages of Leonard and Oxford, the Townships of Addison and Oxford as well as the Oxford Area School districts and the Oxford Public Library organized to create the Oxford Area Cable Communications Commission.  The Commission has met regularly to discuss issues related to Cable service within the members areas as well as to oversee the operations of the Production, Programming and Broadcasting of Oxford Community Television.


Prior to 2004 the Studio was in the now Oxford Middle School.  In 2004 the Commission moved the operations to a 2,800 square foot building located at 1775 North Lapeer Road.  Since that time the operation has grown in staff and event production.  We now average 46 events per month with May being our busiest at 70 events or more per month.

Broadcast operations:  Where were we, where are we now and where are we planning to go from here ????


Prior to 2004, broadcast operations consisted of 4 SVHS tape decks and a DOS based scheduling system.  This was not full automation.  Tapes needed to be changed manually on a daily basis.  The signal quality was about one quarter the quality which we broadcast with today.  The Leightronix Pro 8 system was replaced by the Leightronix TCDIP windows based scheduling program.  The Leightronix TCDIP comtrolls three Pioneer DVF07 300 DVD disc carosells for a total of 900 available DVD - Digital Video Discs.  We also retain three VHS Decks for legacy programs and for our producers who just can't make the step to DVD.


Signal output was over coax cable prior to 2004 and subsequent to that time we deliver our signal over a fiberoptic connection to the Charter Head End.  We send a full resolution signal (640X480) of our broadcast to the AT&T U-verse system.  This service began in August of 2008 when we were the first station in Michigan to design, build and implement

From this automated level we are implementing processes which allow us to broadcast from a 6 Terabyte Network Attached Storage Raid 5 Array. As we develop our process to broadcast digital files of our programs we will move away from physical media as the source of our broadcast content.

Audio and Video event production:  Where were we, where are we now and where are we planning to go from here ????

The cameras were also VHS and did not do a very good job in low light meeting rooms.  The Audio quality was also poor.  In 1998 the commission and the staff of Oxford Community Television began to invest in the production equipment to address some of these problems.  Over the next few years the move to all digital equipment was actively pursued.  The first digital camera was a Sony Digital 8mm.  The nest were Sony DCR HC85 single chip CCD color cameras.  The next generation was the Sony DCR HC 1000 3 chip CCD camera followed finally by the Sony DCR VX2100 family iof cameras.

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