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About Us

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The Commission

The Oxford Area, known as the OACCC, is a nonprofit organization that seeks to enhance communications and networking in the Oxford, Addison and Leonard, Michigan area. The OACCC is composed of Commissioners representing the Charter Townships of Oxford and Addison and the Villages of Leonard and Oxford as well as the Oxford Area Schools and the Oxford Public Library.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide television production equipment, training, and descriptive programming to encourage civic engagement of residents, non-profits, schools, business, and cultural entities to produce locally relevant content, lending to the community-wide exploration of health, social, educational issues and to expand local interests in art, music, theater, dance, culinary science, and exercise locally.

Our Vision

To provide and be the communication resource hub of our communities, complete with ongoing educationally current and instructional staff/ production personnel, student producers, volunteer programming, alternate daily program content, and a dependable supplemental revenue stream in order to output a wealth of cultural, entertainment, historical, healthy, and experimentally diverse programming to meet all of the multi-media needs of our communities.

Television Production

The Oxford Area Cable Communications Commissions operates Oxford Community Television. Oxford Community Television – OCTV is a Public, Educational and Governmental or P.E.G. Channel.

  • The Commission Television Studio is located at 2795 Seymour Lake Rd., Suite 'A', Oxford, Michigan 48371. The Staff of Oxford Community Television attends and produces the Community, School and Governmental meetings and activities throughout the year for the local municipalities.
  • Oxford Community Television has one channel – Channel 19 - on the Charter Communications Cable system. Channel 19 reaches about 5,000 local viewers.
  • Oxford Community Television operates four channels on the AT&T U-verse system. The channels are the same broadcast stream repeated four times.
  • The Channels can be found on AT&T U-verse channel 900 under the Leonard Village, Oxford Village, Oxford Township and Addison Township.
  • Oxford Community Television can be seen in the Michigan counties of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Monroe, Washtenaw, St. Clair, Livingston and Lapeer on AT&T U-verse.

Vision Statement

As evolving technologies and changing trends in broadcasting become available, our long range strategic Vision will enable us to anticipate and project their impact and opportunities. Our process design and purchase decisions will be guided and directed by research and development into these evolving technologies. Our Vision includes the enabling of the local residents to create content for broadcast within their own homes. Our vision includes preparing resident producers to use their home computers and video editing computer programs to create and develop content for broadcast on our channels. We envision a virtual Studio concept which includes the entire community as a programming development base.

We intend to prepare resident producers and students to deliver computer files from home for scheduling and broadcasting. We envision the growth of the medium as we assist efforts to raise awareness and acceptance through our efforts to deliver training, facilities, production and broadcast services to our community.

Inter-local Agreement

Through an agreement with the municipal governments of Addison Township, Oxford Township, the Village of Leonard and the Village of Oxford, program production, training, equipment and facilities together with playback services are provided to three basic groups:

  • Individuals and organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Local government

Together, service to these groups is known as Public, Educational and Government (PEG) access. The OACCC, or its operational activity known as Oxford Community Television (OCTV), neither selects nor censors access programming. Rather, it is the local residents, organizations, schools and government bodies that determine what information is important to share with the members of our community. The Operating Rules and Procedures are designed to ensure that resources are used only for intended purposes and that all who wish to participate have an opportunity to do so on a fair and non-discriminatory basis. To maintain a successful community access channel, everyone must take responsibility for their actions and respect the rights of others who use the media access center.

Public Access Use

A significant portion of the resources available through the OACCC is for public access use. The staff at Oxford Community Television works with interested parties to make the most productive use of these resources on behalf of the OACCC.


  • Membership is required to use most public access services. The following rules apply to membership.
  • Membership Eligibility
  • Membership is open to any individual whose residence is in the Oxford Area Community. The Oxford Area Community shall be defined as the Charter Townships of Oxford and Addison and the Villages of Leonard and Oxford. Membership is also open to any person whose residence is in the area served by the Oxford Area Community Schools district.
  • Any non-profit organization or institution located within the Oxford Area Community. Non-profit members must submit a letter to the OACCC naming the individuals who will be representing their organization for production purposes.
  • Non-profit organizations, which are not located within the Oxford Area Community but serve the members of the Oxford Area Community, may apply with the Oxford Area Cable Communications Commission for a residency requirement exemption. Such exemptions are provided at the discretion of the Commission and are approved to enhance service to the community.
  • Members under the age of 18 must obtain written parental consent and that parent must assume, in writing, all legal and financial responsibility for the actions of the minor.
  • Programming produced by non-profit organizations, which are not located within the Oxford Area Community, must be submitted to the Oxford Area Cable Communications Commission OACCC, for review and approval of a residency requirement exemption. Such exemptions are provided at the discretion of the Commission and are approved to enhance service to the Community.

Station Hours
Mon. to Fri.
10:30 AM to 5 PM


(248) 628-9658



Station Manager

Bill Service

Office Manager

Dave Kenny

2795 Seymour Lake Rd., Suite 'A'
Oxford, Michigan 48371

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