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Oxford Area Cable Communications Commission

2795 Seymour Lake Rd., Unit 'A'

Oxford, Michigan, 48371 


  1. Establishment:
    The Oxford Area Cable Communications Commission, as described below, shall be established upon adoption of these By - Laws.


  1. Official Name:            
    The official name of the Commission shall be “Oxford Area Cable Communications Commission” (“commission”)


  1. Purpose:                     
    The purpose of the Commission is to: Serve as the Official Representative between the cable companies and Member municipalities listed in item five (5).  Establish and operate the local Public Access/Education/Government (PEG) channel (s).  Collect and distribute monies from subscriber fees paid by the Cable Companies (Franchise Operator) and/or paid to the Commission by the member municipalities listed in Item Five (5).


  1. Members:
    Members of the Commission shall be representatives of the following member municipalities: Village of Oxford, Charter Township of Oxford, Village of Leonard and the Charter Township of Addison.



  1. Representatives:             The member municipalities shall appoint representatives and

shall also appoint alternate representatives for a minimum of (2)

years term of office in the following manner:

One (1) representative from the Village of Oxford

Two (2) representatives from the Charter Township of


One (1) representative from the Village of Leonard

One (1) representative from the Township of Addison


Alternate Representative members appointed pursuant to this

Section may serve as a Representative Member at any time

the primary Representative Member is absent or when a vacancy

exists in their seat on the Commission.


No person having any ownership or financial interest, directly in any cable company under contract with the Commission, shall be eligible to be a representative.  No elected official or resident appointed as a representative to serve on the OACCC shall hold an elected position representing another member municipality including  all appointed alternates.


  1. Meetings:                    All Regular and Special meetings shall comply with the

requirements of  P.A. 267 or 1976 as amended (“Open Meetings

Act”).  Regular meetings shall be held quarterly (January, April,

July, October-Annual Meeting), on the 4th Monday of the month.


  1. Special meetings: May be called by the Chairperson of the Commission or by any

two (2) Representative members of the Commission, pursuant to

notice as required under the Open Meetings Act.  The notice shall

specify the purpose for which the meeting has been called.


  1. Place and Time of Meetings:

The official meeting place and time shall be at the option of the Chairperson of the Commission with approval of the Commission.


  1. Rules of Order: Meetings of the Commission shall be conducted in accordance

with Roberts Rules of Order, Revised. Such rules may be waived by unanimous consent of all representatives present at the meeting, at which a motion to waive is introduced and passed.


  1. Quorum: A quorum for meetings shall consist of a representative from

three (3) of the four (4) member municipalities.


  1. Super Quorum A super quorum shall consist of a representative from all

four (4) member municipalities.


  1. Voting: Each representative shall be entitled to one vote when

present at the Meeting; voting by proxy or in absentia shall not be permitted.

A quorum of the Commission, present at the meeting, is necessary for the Commission to pass motions, adopt resolutions or take action within its power.


A super quorum, present at the meeting, is required to elect officers, change by-laws, adopt a budget, change a budget and hire or fire employees.



  1. Agenda and Minutes: There shall be an agenda for each Regular, Special and Committee

meetings.  The appointed Secretary shall keep the minutes for each meeting.


  1. Fiscal Periods: The Fiscal year and all other annual periods of the Commission

referred to herein shall begin on January 1 at 12:01 a.m. and end

on December 31 at 11:59 p.m. of each year.


  1. Officers: The officers shall be Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and

Treasurer.  The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and

Treasurer shall be elected from the representatives of the

Commission by such representatives.  Elections shall be held on

the first meeting of the Commission after the expiration of each

fiscal year.  All officers of the Commission shall serve without

compensation from the Commission.

They shall serve for a period commencing with their election and

terminating with the election of their respective successor.  In the event of a vacancy in any office, such vacancy shall be filled promptly at the next regular meeting or at an earlier special meeting.


  1. Duties of Officers: The Chairperson of the Commission shall preside at all meetings

of the Commission and shall set the agenda for all regular

meetings of the Commission.  The Vice Chairperson shall assume

and perform all duties of the Chairperson in case of the      Chairperson’s absence, or other inability to perform such duties.

The Secretary shall maintain and safe keep, or provide for

maintenance and safekeeping, of all the Commission’s official

papers, documents,  instruments and records.  The Treasurer shall

keep account of all funds of the Commission and render such

accounts as the Commission may require of the Treasurer.  All

officers shall perform, in addition, such other duties as the

Commission may delegate to them.

The Commission, at its own cost, may secure the fidelity of any or all of such officers by bond or otherwise at the cost of the Commission.


  1. Amendments: These by-laws may be amended at any meeting of the Commission

with a Super Quorum present by a majority vote of the

representatives present, and providing the amendment was stated

in the call for the meeting.


  1. Distribution Upon Dissolution of Commission or withdraw of one (1) or more entities:


Upon dissolution of the commission where the assets exceed the liabilities, the remaining assets are distributed to all member municipalities as in proportion that they were paid in. If one or more member municipalities wishes to continue with the station, only the withdrawing member municipalities’ cash proportion of the assets that exceed the liabilities shall be returned to the withdrawing member municipalities



  1. Supremacy of Agreement:

This agreement shall supersede all originally executed or subsequently amended agreements, the provision of this Agreement shall prevail and the provision of the by-laws in conflict therewith shall be deemed to be void.

Station Hours
Mon. to Fri.
10:30 AM to 5 PM


(248) 628-9658


Station Manager

Bill Service

Office Manager

Dave Kenny

2795 Seymour Lake Rd., Suite 'A'
Oxford, Michigan 48371

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